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Date: 21st May 2016
Intersecting Line Plasma Cutting Machine
Steel pipe intersecting line node (arc opening) in the steel structure is very extensive,Website:, but most of the cutting mode pattern still in expansion, hand-cut levels. Workpiece size error of hand cutting out too late the need grinding, and low efficiency, high labor costs, poor weld quality. ?The traditional mechanical cutting huge, expensive and complicated to operate; traditional high arc cutting machine cost, need frequent replacement of the mold, generally only cut the pipe diameter of 50mm or less, cut out of the mouth arc welding no groove weld surface aesthetics and lack of firmness of poor welding.Series of intersecting lines (arc opening) cutter to disruptive innovation technology to solve problems Intersecting cut mouth, a highly efficient, portable, easy to operate, durable, clean cut, do not die to precisely cut any angle arc mouth, etc. .Technical ParametersModelCBW120Cutting wayFlame?PlasmaMax Cutting diameter120mmCutting range (mm)?19~?120Cutting thickness(mm)0.3~12Max Speed (s/r)3Max cutting length(m)12Body Weight?kg?65Size (mm)1000*500*450