Shandong Rayman Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Date: 21st May 2016
Heavy-weight CNC Gantry Flame Cutting Machine
Shandong Rayman Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development,Website:, design, manufacture in one of modern science and technology of welding equipment manufacturers. Our company was established over the years, continue to introduce and absorb advanced technology, we developed more than a dozen series, more than 80 varieties, with advanced production equipment and improve the detection means. Advanced technology products, excellent performance, reasonable structure, a clean, good quality, and the best-selling country and Southeast Asia.NO.ItemStandard01Crosswise Effective cutting range2200mm02Effective cutting length4000mm03Drive modebilateral mode04Flame cutting thickness6?200mm05The machine running speed0-15000mm/min06Torch lifting distance?200mm07Automatically adjustable high precision??1 mm08Set the velocity error??5%09Leading rail straightness??0.2 mm/10m10Leading rail longitudinal levelness??0.2mm/10m11Between the two guide levelness??0.5 mm/10m12Parallelism between the two guide rail??2 mm/gauge13(4) side length error??0.5 mm14diagonal error??0.5 mm15Origin of the deviation??0.2 mm16The diagonal straightness??0.3 mm