Shandong Rayman Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Date: 21st May 2016
Heavy-weight CNC Gantry Cutting Machine
CNC series of gantry type drilling and cutting machine is a newly developed product by JIAXIN. It combines the advantage of drilling and cutting together. Due to the CNC plasma and flame cutting machine does not perform well in cutting holes in small dimension,Website:, especially in situation the diameter of the hole is smaller than plate thickness. In such case, we introduce a CNC drilling unit to finish the holes instead of the plasma or flame cutting. Plasma marking and zinc powder marking are available on the machine as well to mark the cutting path, drilling position and welding path before practical application. CNC drilling and cutting machine is very practical, economic and efficient in metal sheet processing, especially for the required parts with small holes.? Drilling and cutting the work piece automatically after programming, dispense further positioning the holes on work piece, high precision on drilling finish.? Gapless gearing transmit, stable and smooth running in high speed, smart, fine surface finish quality.? Integrated auto-ignition with automatic height controller, keep the height between the JIAXIN and work piece, achieve the best cutting quality.? Able to process multi-torch mirror image cutting or synchronism cutting, improve cutting efficiency.? Low use cost, dispense with special maintenance, friendly operator interface, easy to learn.? Utility CNC system, reliable and safe, automatic programming, optimization nestling and piercing patch, save the steel effectively.