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Date: 21st May 2016
Desktop CNC Flame Cutting Machine
The production of CNC flame,Website:, plasma cutting machine, is specially used for sheet metal blanking of cnc equipment. Can realize to all kinds of metal materials Under the press any graphic material cutting. Cut mouth roughness can be up to 25 (del) 3, after cutting machine is cutting surface usually don't need to do a surface processing. Has a high degree of automation, easy to use, high precision, high reliability, low price and maintenance is very easy to operate, and other advantages, is widely used in automobiles, Ship, space of various kinds of machinery manufacturing for sheet metal blanking cutting.NO.Parameters nameParameter1Beam length4500mm2Rail length8500mm3Transverse effective cutting stroke4000mm?Can be lengthened 0.5m / Unit?4Longitudinal effective cutting stroke8000mm?Can be lengthened 0.5m / Unit?5Number cutting torch set1set6TransmissionUSB7Drive modeBilateral Panasonic servo motor, reducer imported from Germany8Total Weight1000KG9Height AdjustmentArc voltage automatic adjusting system (patented technology)10Cutting modePlasma cutting11Cutting thicknessAccording matching Plasma Power on the size12Movement Accuracy0.01mm / step13Cutting precision?(0.2~0.5)mm